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Free Market Radicals - Community Survey

We hope that the Free Market Radicals project will help generate interest and evidence to support good things happening in the towns and villages that we are currently focusing on. Everything will be shared with local groups and key stakeholders. In order to support this you can help by sharing your thoughts and any good ideas you have. We have tried to keep it simple. To take the survey click here.

It should only take around 5 minutes. Thank you.

Privacy Statement

The Cultural Engine CIC is managing this survey. Cultural Engine CIC is one of the two organisations leading the Free Market Radicals project, in partnership with Hundred Others CIC.

If you provided your contact information (email or mobile) through this survey it is because you have requested that someone from the Free Market Radicals project should contact you. The only people who will see your email or mobile number are those working on the Free Market Radicals project. Free Market Radicals has a small team of four people. The nominated person from Cultural Engine CIC is Giles Tofield. You can contact Giles Tofield at or call 07765 242241

Please contact us if you do not wish to have any contact information you have supplied used to contact you, and we will delete all records. The Cultural Engine CIC and Hundred Others CIC of course understand that your personal information and privacy is important to you, and therefore makes every effort to ensure that the information you share with us is recorded accurately, retained securely, used only according to your wishes and only held for as long as it is needed.

We protect your personal information and adhere to all current data protection act legislation with respect to protecting privacy and processing data. The Cultural Engine CIC (and Hundred Others CIC) does not give out, sell or trade any personal data with external organisations, or share your personal data with any third parties including project partners. We will only contact you in relation to activities that are taking place in relation to the Free Market Radicals project. When contact is made with you, you are of course free to tell us that you wish for us to delete your contact information and we will do this immediately.

The Cultural Engine CIC and Hundred Others CIC respect individuals’ rights to data privacy and protection and will uphold all requirements of the GDPR legislation.


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